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Bangalogia: The Science of Style

The science of style

Bangalogia: The Science of Style

Angola | Documentary | 83 min

The African continent has always been a place that evokes a deep sense of wonder and fantasy. It is naturally diverse, with a vast array of people, cultures, and natural beauty. Being the home to ancient civilizations, it is considered the “birthplace of humanity” or “the Motherland”. But could it also be the birthplace of style? Africans and their cultures are inspiring the aesthetic world today more than ever. From the runways of the world to the meccas of visual art, there is an undeniable presence of African Influence and a growing number of African trendsetters. Bangaologia sets out to explore the reason behind the recent growth of the African Aesthetic in the world.

Bangalogia: The Science of Style

Directed by

Coréon Dú

Award of merit

Special mention Winner at 2017


World premiere at 2016

WARSAW FILM FESTIVAL with Nomination for Best Documentary

London fashion film festival 2016

Nominee for the Best Documentary

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