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Marrying A Campbell

To marry a Campbell, one must have good looks, deep pockets and tough skin.

Marrying A Campbell

Nigeria | 77 Minutes | 2021

Rachel Campbell is a wealthy socialite from Nigeria. As a mother of four beautiful daughters, she takes pride in the success of her family. When she learns that her youngest daughter, Deinabo, accepted the proposal of Efosa, the son of a farmer, she sets out with the help of her daughters to stop the engagement at all cost. Deinabo aware of her mother's plan calls for her grandmother to help her. Ensues are hilarious antics by the Campbell family. Being an overprotective parent, Rachel ultimately pushes it too far. She is then forced to either remain the same or stand back and let her children make their own decisions.

Marrying A Campbell

Directed by 

Ayana Saunders

Awards and Nominations

The Cannes International Pan African Film Festival (2021)

  • Best Actress

Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival Canada (2021)

  • Best Comedy Feature

  • Best First Feature- Africa

  • Best Comedy Drama- Nollywood

  • Best Actor

  • Best Actor - Africa

  • Best Actress - Africa

  • Best Director

  • Best Movie Director – Africa

  • Best Movie Producer - Africa (Jury Award)

  • West African Film Festival (2022)

  • Best Drama/Action Film

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