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Flourishing Films

Expanding Access to Black, Diverse, Female-Driven Content
Originating from the U.S., the U.K., Africa, and Beyond

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Flourishing Films LLC is a film/TV production, distribution, and sales agency founded in January 2016. The company made its domestic debut at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and its international debut at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival and European Film Market (EFM). Previously having worked in feature acquisitions at Paramount Pictures, the experience inspired its founder to begin a film distribution and sales business to complement her production roots.

Flourishing Films intends to expand access to Black, diverse, and female-driven filmed content from the US, Africa, the UK, and countries worldwide. The company aims to identify strong, well-written, and well-directed stories, target and market to specific global audiences in their respective territories, and offer all available rights to well-established and new distribution companies and outlets with creative and innovative distribution structures.


As a production, distribution, and new media company, we reflect the lives and voices of the underrepresented and underestimated in real time by creating, producing, curating, and distributing content. We capture these voices and foreground their messages, free to be loud, bold, and unapologetic. When communities have worn the mask for far too long, we are here to broadcast their messages to the world.



Efuru Flowers is the founder of Flourishing Inc., a Los Angeles-based international film distribution, sales agency, and production company focused on advancing and developing media that can effect change. 


Efuru began her career working for the late film director, screenwriter, and producer John Singleton at his company, New Deal Productions. This opportunity ignited her passion for film as an art form and a vehicle for change and paved the way for her success as a creative collaborator with filmmakers and talent. New Deal is also where she made formative connections and began building her extensive network of professional peers in sales, distribution, finance, and production.


  • Three Ways
    A sex comedy told in three ways United States | Adult Comedy | 2022 | 92 mins The sex comedy tells the story of two Black women and one Black man on the night of a threesome. Loaded with internal dialogue revealing deflected insecurities, the film climaxes with a slapstick sex scene that had the audience both blushing and laughing uncontrollably. Directed by Jamal Dedeaux
  • Holiday Hideaway
    Even when her family pushes her to her limits, Carly realizes that Holidays just aren't the same without them. US | Comedy Feature | 2022 | 180 mins Carly Stewart is the queen of holiday celebrations, but her mistletoe misstep sends her running to a Holiday Hideaway that teaches her the importance of family, forgiveness, and fighting for love. Directed by Cole Patterson Lamese Williams
  • Right Near the Beach
    A father picks up the pieces after the death of his son, a Jamaican star sprinter Jamaica | Narrative Feature | 2020 | 80 mins When prominent Jamaican sprinter Jeffrey Jacobs is brutally murdered, rumors about the secret life he may have lived create public uproar, causing obstacles to the murder investigation and for Jeffrey's father, who simply wants justice for his son. Filmed on location with a cast of local Jamaicans, this film is an authentic case study of a country that continues to face the consequences of its turbulent past while trying to confront the new realities of sexuality and equality. Directed by Gibrey Allen
  • Not Today
    India | Drama | 2021 | 92 min Aliah Rupawala, is a 24 year old Bohri Muslim girl from a very traditional family. She secretly becomes a Suicide Prevention Counsellor and on her first day she encounters a 52 year old man about to jump from the terrace of a high-rise. As she begins to try to bring him down, she is forced to confront why she became a Suicide Prevention Counsellor in the first place, and also share a lot of herself to get him to share and open up. Going all in, to save him, she begins to deal with and release the loneliness and grief in herself to be able to do the same in the caller. And in doing so, ends up healing not just her own heart, but also the heart of the man who has called, a man who has himself been a Suicide Prevention Counsellor for 15 years. Directed by Aditya Kripalani
  • Children of God
    Love Lives Bahamas | Romantic Drama | 104 mins | 2010 Two young Bahamian men on the path to out-of-the-closet self-respect are shadowed by a nasty current of outspoken homophobia in this tender, tough and touching drama. Directed by Kareem Mortimer
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