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Afro Punk Girl

A young punk rocker discovers true rebellion

Afro Punk Girl

UK | Short Sci-Fi Drama | 16 mins

AFRO PUNK GIRL is a dystopian sci-fi drama set in a near future Britain, where Christmases are hot, nights are filled with violent muggings and the militia government enforces the “Happiness Agenda” upon it’s citizens. Lil, an afro punk rocker is on her way north to the New World in search of food and her lost family. She meets Mr Dandy, an alcoholic rebel with an electronic voice box, who offers access to food in exchange for a lift on her rickshaw. Lil reluctantly agrees as she has run out of food. A loner at heart, she finds herself drawn to Mr Dandy’s effervescent nature, and they form a bond. When they get caught stealing food from a government fish farm, Lil must choose between saving herself or rescuing her new friend and jeopardizing her trip to the New World.

Afro Punk Girl

Directed by

Annetta Laufer

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