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The Unseen

To be alive in independent Namibia

The Unseen

Namibia | Drama | 70 min

Unfolding more like a conversation than a narrative, The Unseen follows the story of three wandering souls as they navigate the emotional and physical realities of post-colonial Namibia. First there is Marcus, an African American actor tasked with portraying one of Namibia’s historical leaders. Seeking authenticity in his craft, he embarks on an earnest research mission to unveil the true history of his character. Then there is Anu, a talented local musician who is having trouble negotiating between his influences and identity. Lastly, there is Sara, a depressed young woman uncertain of whether or not her environment provides anything worth living for.

The Unseen

Directed by

Perivi Katjavivi

Official selection

Busan International Film Festival 2016

Watch on


Kanopy in Jan 2021

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