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Love, lies, and high school


USA | Comedy | Drama | Romance | Feature | 2023 | 108 mins

High school senior Bryson Wilson, though intelligent and charismatic, feels insecure about his appearance. To interact with girls, he creates an online persona named Avery, a handsome jock. Bryson's charm attracts two girls, including his childhood friend and crush. However, complications arise when Avery's real-life identity, forced to move due to his father's job loss, transfers to Bryson's school. To salvage his connections with the girls, Bryson persuades Avery to maintain the ruse with bribery. As Avery's popularity grows, conflicts emerge, challenging Bryson's plan. Eventually, both boys must confront their true selves. Bryson learns self-acceptance and wins over his crush with a heartfelt speech at a masquerade ball.


Directed by

Justin Williams

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